Strength Training Benefits for Women

By Andrew Nutt, YGS District Health&Wellness Director

Women are rapidly warming up to utilizing free weights and reaping the benefits! It’s true that Women are recognizing strength training as a major component in the battle against fat loss and overall health. Listed below are some top 10 benefits Women receive from strength training:

1. Increased Metabolic Rate– adding muscle increases our metabolism naturally.

2. Increasing and Restoring Bone Density– strength training may prevent, reduce and minimize the risk of developing osteoporosis by building stronger, more dense bones.

3. Increased Lean Muscle Mass– typically, each pound of lean muscle mass burns 35-50 calories per day.

4. Injury Prevention-a solid muscular foundation, strengthens our bones, ligaments, joints, and tendons.

5. Improved Balance– strong legs and core/abdominal muscles, increases our balance and overall body stabilization.

6. Decreased Risk of Coronary Disease– strength training can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

7. Aids Rehabilitation and Recovery– a proven method to strengthen and recover from an injury, is to slowly build your strength and muscles around the injured area.

8. Enhanced Performance in sports and sports related activities, exercise and in daily activities such as- climbing stairs, carrying children, or walking with your spouse or partner, becomes more enjoyable and less taxing on the body.

9. Aging gracefully– strong muscles build a stronger body. Strength training along with a consistent cardiovascular exercise routine, helps your body stay in better shape, and working condition, longer.

10. Feeling Better and Looking Better– strength training reduces overall body fat, increases energy, increases confidence and builds a healthy body, mind, and soul!


*As always, please be sure to consult with your Physician before starting a strength training program. Also, to achieve the best possible results through exercise, it is recommended that you institute a healthy, well balanced diet.

See you on the Wellness floor!



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