Aiming for academic, social, economic, and physical health

Achieve academically
Inspire to attend college
Move toward personal, family and community advancement


The YMCA of Greater Springfield, Springfield Public Schools, Big Y Foods, and other local business partners have come together to transform the lives of our youth in response to the drop-out rate, poor attendance, and low advancement rates of students in the Greater Springfield area.

Y-AIM provides talented and underachieving at-risk youth who are entering middle school with a solid support system through middle and high school. This support system serves as a means to ensure graduation from high school, pursuit of higher education, and access to gainful employment in the global marketplace.


The Y-AIM program currently operates at:

  • The High School of Science and Technology
  • The High School Commerce
  • Springfield High School
  • Springfield Central High School
  • Putnam Vocational Technical Academy
  • Conservatory of the Art High
  • Kiley, Kennedy, Chestnut, Conservatory of the Art Middle, South End and Duggan Academy Middle Schools

We serve more than 350 students at our sites. Schools are each served by a Y-AIM Youth Advocate that works with students during school hours, focused on their individual academic, behavioral, and attendance needs. The advocate also regularly communicates with guidance, teachers and parent/guardians to provide consistent and effective supports. Monthly meetings and bi-weekly reports also contribute to the “student plan” provided by our advocates. We combine these efforts by providing quality after school time care.

Y-AIM Brochure


One-on-one mentoring
Academic tutoring
College exploration and tours
Workforce readiness skills
Job explorations and placement
Life skills workshops
Goal setting
Financial literacy
Conflict resolution


Work Study
Leader’s Club
Youth & Government
Music/video production
Technology and social network
Giving back
Community service and volunteerism


Springfield Y Outreach Center 33 Oak Street, Springfield

Sullivan Outreach Center 160 Nursery Street, Springfield*

North End Outreach Center 1772 Dwight Street, Springfield

Birch Park Outreach Center 144 Birch Park Circle, West Springfield


Y-AIM Donor recognition Event – 2018



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