Member Moments: Phoenix Felix Santiago

Phoenix Felix Santiago is from Puerto Rico, worked and lived in N.Y.C. for 25 years mainly as a manager in a French restaurant to pay the bills and pursue acting in the 90s. Phoenix became a pro-skater by his hard work, discipline, and determination. Phoenix created a new level of skating and traveled around the world promoting and doing skate demonstrations as the ambassador of the sport of the 90s…In 2007 he was a victim of a crime and started to lose his memory. His last job as an up and coming ‘actor’ was in Enchanted a Disney movie in 2008. By 2009 he had lost it all including the will to live. The YMCA played a big role into the recovery of his head injury, the staff and members had become extended family. Felix practices health, fitness and nutrition. He is humble, positive, giving and loves learning new things.

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