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Andréa Lee
Associate Executive Director, Downtown Springfield Y Family Center

When you’re a member of the Y, you’re a member of a positive force in your community. It’s entirely up to you what you do with your membership. And there’s no limit to the positive impact you can make on your own life and on the lives of others. Enjoy your health, engage with your friends and neighbors and give back to those in need. Join the Y today. It might just change your life.


The YMCA of Greater Springfield, partnered with the Armed Services YMCA and the U.S. Department of Defense, offers free membership to eligible military families. The Outreach Initiative supports families dealing with the stress of military deployment by providing access to YMCA youth development, family strengthening and health and well-being programs. Our Family Centers provide a community for support and education that helps families bond, connect with community resources and become strong and self-sufficient. We are proud to continue the YMCA’s long legacy of supporting the needs of military service members and their families.

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At the Y, we exist to strengthen community. Together with people like you, we nurture the potential of kids, help people understand and improve their health, and provide opportunities to give back and support neighbors. So join our cause and create meaningful change not just for you, but also for your community.

Guest Policy

Springfield Y Family Center Guest Policy 2013

YMCA Family Center Membership Rates




(ages 23-64) $45 $51 $45

ages19-22 $57

Family $72 $79 $72 $82

One Adult Family $62 $64 $78

Couple $68 $78


(65+) $39 $41 $46

Senior Couple (65+) $53 $54 $58

Teen $12.50

(ages 14-18) $26

(ages 12-22)

Young Adult $29

(ages 19-22) $26

(ages 12-22)

Join Fee $65 $100 $0 $100

Click the following link for information on our partnership discounts.
YMCA Family Center Corporate Partnerships

A one-time Join Fee is added for new members and members who do not renew within 30 days of their expiration date. These funds are used for equipment purchases and facility renovations. Teen and Young Adult memberships which have been cancelled or terminated will be subject to a $50 re-join fee.

Automatic payments through your checking or savings account, or your MasterCard or VISA, are withdrawn on the 1st of each month or the next business day. If there are insufficient funds, a subsequent withdrawal will be made by the end of the month and a $15 returned funds fee is added.

A Family Membership includes two adults, 23 years and older, and all dependent children in the household less than 23 years. Proof of residency for family members is required.

Our YMCA Family Centers believe in making our programs and services affordable for all. We will not turn anyone away based on an inability to pay full fees. Applications are available at the Welcome Center. Scholarships are made possible through the generous contributions of YMCA donors.

Membership Scholarship Application

Childcare Scholarship Application

Espanol Financial Assistance for Child Care and Camp Application

Financial Assistance Requirement letter

Membership fees are due in full at the time of registration, or monthly through an authorized bank draft from a checking, savings, or credit card (MasterCard or VISA) account.


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Since 1852, the YMCA of Greater Springfield has been a way of life for thousands of youth, teens, families and seniors throughout our region. As one association, we are working together to meet the growing needs of the 14 cities and towns that we serve. Help us provide opportunities for Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility to more members of our community by making a donation to our Annual Support Campaign.