Cesar Carattini
Associate Executive Director of Teen & Outreach
E: ccarattini@springdieldy.org



Hours: 10am-6pm
For more information: ygsoutreach@gmail.com
Springfield Outreach Center 275 Chestnut Street, Springfield
North End Outreach Center 1772 Dwight Street, Springfield

Aiming for academic, social, economic, and physical health

Achieve academically
Inspire to attend college
Move toward personal, family and community advancement


The YMCA of Greater Springfield, Springfield Public Schools, Big Y Foods, and other local business partners have come together to transform the lives of our youth in response to the drop-out rate, poor attendance, and low advancement rates of students in the Greater Springfield area.

Y-AIM provides talented and underachieving at-risk youth who are entering middle school with a solid support system through middle and high school. This support system serves as a means to ensure graduation from high school, pursuit of higher education, and access to gainful employment in the global marketplace.


The Y-AIM program currently operates at:

  • The High School of Science and Technology
  • The High School Commerce
  • Springfield High School
  • Springfield Central High School
  • Putnam Vocational Technical Academy
  • Conservatory of the Art High
  • Kennedy, Springfield Public Day, Conservatory of the Art Middle, South End and Duggan Academy Middle Schools, Balliet Middle School

20/21 Y-AIM School Year
The YMCA of Greater Springfield believes now more than ever “out of school time” programming will be essential to our community’s ability to overcome our current challenges.

Out of School
YMCA outreach centers will become “access points” for students We will modify our operational hours to compliment the SPS blended learning model, including AM and PM hours. We will add updates to our technology center and computers labs to help provide access to remote learning.

We have created a schedule that will allow the Y to serve up to 60 youth per day in our spaces (4 cohorts of 15, respecting all DESE and DPH policy) giving them access to physical activity as well. Bus passes would be issued and if possible, the YMCA will include its own transportation for students without an ability to get to and from our programs.

In School
Advocates and staff will shift focus from “in school” visits to virtual visits with teachers, students, and parents. We will focus attention on data provided by Powerschool and tailor each Y-AIM students’ out of school experience to support academics, SPS/community resources, and trauma informed care.

Advocates will help students navigate the new environment by participating, where appropriate, in SPS trainings. Our familiarity with Ingenuity also makes advocacy prime for out of school support. With Y-AIM’s premium Zoom account we can run large lectures with the in-school population and small group chats with families.

A typical day for each student will include:
· 1 to 2 hours of remote learning time
· 1 hour of physical activity
· 1 hour of pro social activity/enrichment
· Appropriate meals through our SFSP and CACFP contracts
· Small group activity

A typical Month:
· Youth in Government (5 hours required, and this year’s topics will include social justice)
· Field Trips
· Community Service engagements including volunteerism.
· Leadership development series
· Sportsmanship and teambuilding workshops and athletic coaches.
· College and Career readiness program.


One-on-one mentoring
Academic tutoring
College exploration and tours
Workforce readiness skills
Job explorations and placement
Life skills workshops
Goal setting
Financial literacy
Conflict resolution


Work Study
Leader’s Club
Youth & Government
Music/video production
Technology and social network
Giving back
Community service and volunteerism


Y-AIM Donor recognition Event – 2019



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