Dear YMCA Members,

I hope that everyone is staying physically and mentally healthy during this time of transition. Many of you may have seen Governor Baker’s Four-Phase Plan for reopening businesses. Naturally, that causes all of us to question how that applies to the businesses that impact our own lives. The current plan lays out the phases but does not yet include the length of the phases. Also, there not yet guidance designating which businesses fall into each phase. We do know that the plan for fitness centers to reopen by May 18th is no longer a reality. We will await notification and reopening guidelines for fitness centers before setting a new reopening date. We are working to make changes that will better prepare us for those anticipated guideIines. We are anxious to have you back in our facilities in the near future to help with your wellness needs.

Thank you for being a part of the Y family. If you have other ideas of how we can support you or the community, please let me know.

Yours in Health,
Dexter Johnson
President and CEO
YMCA of Greater Springfield

Springfield (Tower Square)
Scantic Valley

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