Teen Outreach Program at Lower Liberty Community Building

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233 Franklin Street
Springfield, MA 01104

Cesar Carattini
Associate Executive Director of Teen & Outreach
E: ccarattini@springfieldy.org

Over the past few years, the YMCA of Greater Springfield has collaborated with the Lower Liberty Heights Community Action Team (LLHCAT) to offer year-round family activities and drop-in programming for the Lower Liberty Heights community. For many, this center is their “safe haven” during after-school hours, weekends, and summers.

The collaboration between the YMCA and the LLHCAT has grown strong over the past years. Our joint aim is to provide constructive alternatives to risky behaviors such as gang participation, alcohol and drug abuse, or simply staying home alone and unmonitored.

Successful programs, past and present, include:

  • Academic enrichment in the form of homework help
  • Computers literacy
  • Community Events and holiday events to support the families of the Lower Liberty Heights neighborhood
  • Culinary Arts classes so that children can learn to be self-sufficient
  • Participation in talent shows and dance programming
  • Monthly community meetings to discuss and address community concerns and needs
  • Basketball/sports tournaments
  • Yearly participation in the Clean Up Springfield event in April to help beautify the LLH neighborhood

The youth, teens and adults involved with the center have taken ownership and in doing so. They have committed themselves to the improvement of their neighborhood.

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