Senior Leadership Team

At the YMCA of Greater Springfield we work to develop passionate, cause-driven leaders. We engage, develop and empower our staff and volunteers at every level who are passionate and dedicated to the Y’s mission, cause and values. These are people who provide enduring leadership and generously support the organization with their time and resources.

Working as “One Association,” the beauty of our Y is staff and volunteers working together to realize our mission. Each of us shares our time, energy and focus on strengthening our communities through helping kids reach their potential, encouraging healthy living for all ages, and giving back to our neighbors.

Meet Our Team



Scott M. Berg
President & CEO

Dexter Johnson
Chief Operating Officer

Thomas Ashe
Senior Vice President


Kimberly Kennison
Chief Financial Officer
Senior Vice President

Nickolaus Haenchen
Vice President
Human Resources &
Leadership Development

Janice Watson
Executive Director
Downtown Springfield YMCA
& Association Sports


Lavar Click
Executive Director
Dunbar Community Center


Sandi Boland
Executive Director
Scantic Y Family Center

David Farrell
Executive Director
Education Initiatives

Uriah Rodriguez
Executive Director
Outreach & Teen Initiatives

Karen Mercier
Senior Director of Finance

Andre’a Lee
Association Aquatics
& Development


Executive Committee


Jeff Poindexter
Board Chair/CVO

Patrick Leary
1st Vice Chair

Dominic Blue
2nd Vice Chair

Michael Murphy
2nd Vice Chair

Charlie Casartello


Stacey Church
H.R. Chair

Sarah Williams
Immediate Past Chair &


Sam Hanmer
At-Large Board Member


Ronald Kidd, Emeritus
At-Large Board Member

Scott M. Berg
Ex Officio, President & CEO


Raymond Berry Samuel Hanmer Michael Ostrowski
Dominic Blue Helen Caulton-Harris Jeffrey Poindexter
Brandon Braxton Justin J. Hurst Michael Quinn
Charlie R. Casartello, Jr. Brendon Hutchins Ira Rubenzaul
Stacey Church Theresa Jasmin Fran Smith
Lamont Clemons Ronald C. Kidd, Esq. Mark Smith
Brian Elliott Patrick G. E. Leary, CPA Gillian Szlachetka-Dubay
Jennifer Endicott Lydia Martinez Sarah Williams
Dan Flynn Michael Murphy
Ellen W. Freyman Ron Moccio, Jr.

Board of Director Emeritus
Ronald Kidd, Emeritus
Stanley Szlachetka, Emeritus


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Strengthening CommUNITY

Since 1852, the YMCA of Greater Springfield has been a way of life for thousands of youth, teens, families and seniors throughout our region. As one association, we are working together to meet the growing needs of the 14 cities and towns that we serve. Help us provide opportunities for Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility to more members of our community by making a donation to our Annual Support Campaign.